What’s in a colour, anyway? Spending time and money to get the fancy coloured bras actually makes no sense at the end of the day. I am still sceptical about chromatic, jazzy and motley coloured bras, and find them to a lot of extent distasteful. We should worry less and be less obsessed with the colours because they contribute nothing towards the main function for which the piece of garment was made.

Just as I would agree that the bra factor is an important and an undeniable factor, I would also like to add that it looks best when worn in standard shades and the conventional colours. I think a black, white and a nude or skin colour bra winds hands down. They look classy, elegant and sophisticated, and full of grace. No wonder they have been the preferred choice of several women for decades now.


The function of bras is primarily to provide support and shape, and offer comfort to the female breasts. Its job also includes preventing perkiness or the pendulum effect which is a reason of embarrassment for many. The very fact that they support the bosom and the private parts of a woman, the one who gives birth to man, is in itself a thing that is full of integrity and modesty. It is therefore a very private thing.

I am not trying to be a prude here, but in my opinion, the affair should be kept low key and matched with creations that remain incognito, and do not go overboard or seem outrageous. And definitely not with colours that go blaring loud and say, ‘look, I am here.’ Anything that is flashy or kaleidoscopic should be ruled out and avoided as much as possible. So that, even if they peep out from under the clothes, the wearer does not feel awkward or receive catcalls.


All said and done, ladies undergarment ought to be endowed with subtle colours, especially the bra. More emphasis should be given to the cut, shape, size and design of the bra; whether it is a padded bra or a non padded bra, a push up padded bra or an underwire bra, a bikini bra or a sports bra. The fabric it is made of should be looked into, too. In fact, that should be the main priority when one goes hunting the stores for lingerie/ bra shopping or gets it online.