red push up bra Of all the things that are like an integral and inseparable part of a female’s wardrobe, the wardrobe essentials include a black, white and a nude/ skin colour bra. These are the standard colours that can be worn with more or less all kinds of clothes, and the ones ladies usually go for and have no inhibitions about. But going by the recent trends and as the fashion gurus would like to have it, creations in red stand out in all seasons, and that a red or a pink bra is a must have. Stylish and fashion conscious people swear by it, too.  


Is it because it’s all in the colour? Well it seems the colour red has cast its spell on the fairer sex and has hugely psychological effects. Perceived as a shade that is bold and daring, the intense colour breaks the monotony of the regular shades. It looks vibrant, cheerful and flirty. It appeals to the senses and lends the closet with a hint of spark. It is hailed as the colour of seduction and associated with sensuality and oomph. There is a strong sense of feel good factor attached to it and many even say that a colourful inner lifts up their mood and makes them feel more confident about themselves.


With the advent of time more and more people are coming out of the closet and shedding off their inhibitions. The present day shows girls don’t mind if the straps peep out and don’t want to be caught in a colour that is dull and boring. They are no more awkward or embarrassed to don something that is out of the box or emphasizes their desires and for that matter, their sexuality. Earlier a red bra strap doing peekaboo would have raised quite a few eyebrows and generated catcalls.


Trends reveal an increasing number of women (young and the ones who are at the wrong end of 30’s and 40’s) are opting for the colour that also symbolises love, passion and warmth, and that a red bra ranks high on the list of the hottest pair of ladies undergarments. Ladies undergarment with satin strips, lace trimmings, stone detailing and other fancy designs are going off the racks sooner than they are reaching there. Popular picks and hot favourites of the season comprise red bikini bra, pink bra, red sports bra, red underwire bra, cleavage enhancing push up bra and the like.