Going to the store and asking for a sexy nightdress might just bring in a lot of unwanted attention. As these dresses are usually synonymous with uber plunging/ deeper than deep necklines, open backs, hide and seek gowns, sheer fabrics, fun layers, lace trimmings, satin dresses, velvet suits, glam pieces and the like. More so because the very idea behind them is to make the wearer feel desirable and moments between the sheets a little more interesting. They are the hot favourites of women who do not mind indulging in some skin show or letting their cleavage play peek-a-boo when they are alone at home or with their partner. They are a favourite choice also for those who want to seduce their partners with their charms and add more spark to those special moments. These dresses are also opted by those who do not mind flaunting a ‘dare to bare’ look and feel confident of their body.

But unfortunately, many people have a wrong notion about it. These mortals who love to do moral policing fail to understand that a woman who is covered from head to toe might still look hot and sexy, or vulgar and indecent, depending on how we look at it and how she projects herself. They think anything that comes under the ‘sexy’, revealing category is undoubtedly cheap, vulgar and dirty and that the wearer is either a pervert or one who lacks a sense of shame and modesty. But contrary to what they think, one can still look elegant, graceful and sober in a dress that may expose certain parts of the body

. Agreed, these types of night dresses do add a lot of drama but at the same time make one look pretty, charming, emancipated and full of attitude. No matter how revealing the night dress might be, one may still manage to look elegant in it. As stated earlier, it all depends on the way one carries herself and embraces the whole idea behind it. Because the dress is after all an extension of art and the beauty of art, as they say, lies in the eyes of the beholder. It also lies in the way one projects herself and the way we are conditioned to think about it. So there is actually nothing ‘wrong’, ‘bad’, ‘filthy’ or perverted if one wishes to adorn a piece of garment that is labelled as sexy or apparently looks like one.