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How to Measure Bra Size

Wearing the right bra not only makes you look and feel good but also has long term health impacts. So it is very important to measure up yourself and get the correct bra size before you decide to go for the plunge. To get the process started, keep a measuring tape handy and wear a well fitting bra that isn’t a push up or a minimiser and has no layer of padding in it. Also, make sure you’ve expelled all the air from the chest for accuracy.

Now rest the tape snugly (parallel to the ground) and take a proper measurement around your rib cage/ under your bust. Add +5 inches to the result that you get to know your ‘band size’. If it is an odd number, round it up to make it even. Follow this by taking the measurement around the fullest part of your breasts. The difference between the two measurements is your ‘cup size’. The ultimate result is denoted by a double digit numerical figure and an alphabetical letter.
What are Bra Sizes

Bra sizes refer to the different sizes of the bra made in accordance with the varying sizes of the female breasts. This is because different women have different bust sizes and body structures; some are thin while some are fat, some are petite while some are ‘just’ healthy. So the bra sizes vary accordingly and one has the liberty of choosing the one that best fits her and suits her style. Factors like shape, size, symmetry, sagginess and spacing of women's breasts also influence the size of the bra considerably.

Bra sizes include two elements: the band size (i.e. the measurement of the woman’s torso that is indicated by a double digit figure) and the cup size (of the breast, denoted by an alphabetical letter). The labelling system is different country wise.

Why to wear bra

How does one look at this thing that the fairer sex just can’t do without? Bare necessity or a thing of utmost desire? The name itself is scandalous and many hesitate to bring the word to their lips but love it or hate it, the bra is a piece of clothing that is almost indispensable for the female species. Gorgeous, powerful and yet very very innocent, the bra is closely associated with womanhood. It holds the power to change the entire appearance of a person, infuse confidence and self esteem, and reaffirm her femininity. And it does all of this without showing off or being ostentatious.

Wearing a bra is imperative because it is a piece of clothing that not only defines those curves but lends the breasts with shape and support. It also safeguards the breast tissues against impacts and physical injuries. It goes onto accentuating a woman’s sexuality; catalysing the way she looks and making her feel desirable.

Necessary to Wear a Bra

Wearing a bra is not essential but indispensable. It’s more than a bare necessity. Women wear it because they want to spare themselves the ‘perkiness’ (or the bouncy effect) and look shapely and youthful. Not only does it provide shape and support to the breasts but also protects the delicate breast tissues. The bra restricts movement of the bust, prevents the breasts from losing their shape and retains their firmness.

This intricate piece of clothing adds to the wearer’s sense of femininity and greatly influences the shaping up of breasts. It serves as an important accessory of womanhood and can play an important role in keeping the breasts youthful and firm. It adds style and can potentially make the wearer look slimmer (or even bustier) and proportional. And that is not all. The bra also hides the nipples that might poke through the layer of clothing and cause embarrassment.

Wear a Bra with a Backless Dress

Wearing a backless dress is gorgeous and stunning and quite interesting, too! You got to be very particular about the type of bra that you choose to wear with it because it would actually mar the beauty of the dress if the straps play hide and seek.

You can go for bras with transparent straps which would be supportive and almost invisible at the same time. Or you can go for dresses that have the bra cups sewn inside them and require no additional piece of clothing to support the breasts and restrict perkiness. Backless bras with straps that go around the shoulders serve as good options as well as they leave the back completely exposed and retain the beauty of the dress you intend to wear. And if you’re still not satisfied, order a pair of those sexy bra cups that are made to adhere naturally to your breasts. These backless bra cups are tailor made for such occasions. They are well contoured and

What is a full figure bra

Full figure bras, also known as plus size bras refer to that section of bras that come with large band sizes and bigger cup sizes. They are made for well endowed women and worn by those with comparatively heavy breasts. Full figure bras start from around 38C.

How to Find the Perfect Fitting Bra

The bra that fits well will never plague you with issues that many women often overlook or don’t complain about. You will know you have found the perfect fitting bra when it does not dig, pull or poke and when you do not have to constantly adjust its straps to prevent them from sliding down or deal with the red marks that its straps might leave on your shoulders. The rightly designed and perfect fitting bra will cause no discomfort and ensure the breasts do not stick out from the top of the cup if you are treading bumpy roads. Also, it should feel comfortable when you walk, sit down or move around here and there.

While getting the essentials and trying them on, if it pulls the shoulders forward or the bra or the band in the back rides up, it signals that the product you have laid your hands on is not the one for you. You will know you have struck gold and found the perfect fitting bra when the centre of the bra touches the breastbone, and when the bust is secured firmly in its central position and does not fall forward.

Wrong bras might flatten the breast walls, make them look out of shape or let the breasts droop. They look quite absurd and feel uncomfortable, too. But the perfect fitting bra will never give you such troubles


What is Minimiser Bra

Large busted women can face a number of problems (like posture issues) and find it extremely difficult to get clothes that are trendy and come with a proper fit. Minimiser bras can be a great option for them as they are especially designed for women who are plus-sized and have comparatively bigger cup sizes. These make the breasts appear smaller and thinner, and compress the breasts up to one cup size smaller than normal by subtly distributing the bust tissue more to the sides than upwards, sans hindering the wearer's movements.

Minimiser bras not only provide better comfort and support than normal bras but also give women with large breasts a finer shape and a sense of added confidence. They also restrict perkiness of the breasts during work outs and other activities. Available in materials like cotton, microfibre and nylon, they offer a natural look and can be worn all throughout the day.

How does a Minimiser Bra Work

A minimiser bra is categorically designed for women endowed with large breasts. It provides exceptional support and makes the wearer’s bust look smaller as well as thinner by tactfully disseminating the bust tissue more to the sides than upwards. It evenly distributes the weight of the bust line and does so without restricting the wearer’s movements and might come with a built-in underwire for additional stability in the breast tissue.

What do Minimizer Bras do

Minimiser bras deemphasize the bosom, make the wearer’s bust line appear smaller and serve as an alternative to breast reduction operations availed by women who are plus-sized. They offer enhanced support and comfort for larger breasts, lend the wearer with a sleek silhouette and also help cut down on the bounciness of the breasts.

Why Wear a Minimizer Bra

A minimiser bra is a blessing in disguise for women with heavy bust lines and for those who want their breasts to look smaller than their actual size. It brings down the breast size up to one cup size smaller than normal and makes the wearer feel more confident about her body. Apart from lending a wonderful silhouette and making the wearer appear proportional, a minimiser bra offers the freedom to wear fashionable tops which may look odd otherwise.

What is Non Padded Bra

Non padded bra is a bra that offers reasonable support without any layer of padding in the cups. It provides comfort and a natural silhouette, prevents nipple showing and helps maintain the firmness and youthfulness of the breasts. This kind of bra is ideal for bigger busted women.


What is Padded Bra

Padded bras are bras that come with a layer of padding in the cups to give a boost to the bust line and flatter those curves. They are made to bestow support and comfort, increase the bust line and endow the wearer with a luscious shape.

This category serves as a great option for the petite and for those who wish to have an attractive silhouette, instantly. But contrary to the popular belief, well endowed women can also wear them for better fit under fashionable clothes and to deal with size issues and problems like nipple showing.

What do Padded Bras do

Padded bras come with linings and shape enhancing inserts (e.g. foam) to add to the bust area and make the breasts of the wearer appear bigger than their actual size. They somewhat lend volume to the curves, and make clothes fit better and the wearer look appealing. These kind of bras do not always increase the cleavage but surely add dimension and a more proportionate look to smaller bustlines.

When to Get a Padded Bra

You know you need to get a bra with a thick or thin layer of padding when you want to perceive an augmented bust size and a more flattering silhouette or wear a protective brassiere. Padded bras also comein handy to prevent nipple showing and deal with pointy breasts and size/ shape problems.

Is Padded Bra Harmful?

Padded bras cannot be labelled harmful as such but doctors say padded bras that put a lot of the restriction on the breasts can cause the lymph glands or the lymphatic vessels to toxify (as the restriction may bar the vessels from flushing out poisonous substances in the breast tissue) and lead to cancer. Sometimes the lymph fluid is also restricted which may result in lumps, fibrous tissue and cysts in the breasts of the wearer.

Many doctors even opine that wearing a bra that contains breast enhancing inserts might lower melatonin in the body (due to the unnatural restriction) and cut down on the circulation in the breast tissue as they press the breast towards the chest.

Push Up

What is a Push Up Bra

A push up bra is a bra that is exclusively designed to give an enhanced appearance of the breasts and create an increased cleavage. It is basically a fashion bra that skilfully pushes the breasts inwards and upwards, and also towards the centre of the chest. It consists of angled cups containing a layer of padding and is mostly available in the markets in the form of demi-cup bras.

Since the advent of the first ever push-up bra, the Wonderbra, push-up bras have been a favourite among women with comparatively smaller bustlines and those who do not have a cleavage that they think would make them feel desirable. Push up bras make them look more appealing and, lend them with an attractive silhouette and an enviable cleavage in the blink of an eye and without having to go under the knife.

What do Push Up Bras do/ Why wear Push Up Bra

Push-up bras go much beyond the concept of providing comfort and support to the breasts. They come with moulded cups and wisely constructed contour pads to add volume to the bust area and create an appearance of significantly enhanced cleavage for the wearer to flaunt a multitude of cleavage enhancing styles. The bras push the bust inwards and upwards, and also towards the centre of the chest.

Push-up bras also make fashionable clothes seemingly fit better and make the wearer feel sexier and more presentable. This has a lot to do with the psychological affect on the mind of the wearer and goes a long way in boosting up her self esteem and confidence level.


What is Sports Bra

Sports bras refer to that category of bras that are designed to offer extra support and stability to the breasts especially during jogging, exercising, dancing and other activities that require a lot of movement. They encapsulate the breasts and seldom cause problems like runaway straps, chafing and sore breasts. They are a popular choice of many women as they lessen physical discomfort, restrict movement of the breasts and also negate chances of potential damage to chest ligaments.

Sports bras come without underwires and fancy additions like lace trimmings, and are way stronger and sturdier than the traditional bras. Some are even styled to be worn as outerwear during exercises. They serve as the perfect sports gear and a great option for women with well endowed bust lines.

Who Invented the Sports Bra

In the year 1975, Glamorise Foundations, Inc. made available the first commercially produced sports bra to the world. This was known as the ‘free swing tennis bra’ followed by the invention of the first general exercise bra in 1977. The latter was made by Lisa Lindahl and Polly Smith and initially called a ‘jockbra’.


What is Underwire Bra

An underwire bra is a bra that comes with a strip of semi circular metal (plastic or even resin) wire running underneath the cup. It runs from the centre that touches the chest bone and goes up till the armpit. Discreetly sewn into the material of the bra, the U-shaped underwire provides additional support and stability, and a flattering shape to the wearer.

What do Underwire Bras do

Underwire bras help in shaping and supporting the breasts, and providing enhanced stability along with it. They lend the wearer with an enviable silhouette and come in handy for functions like lifting and separating the breasts.

What is the use of Underwire Bra

Underwire bras are perfect for those who wish to have well pronounced cup sizes and emphasised bust lines. They are designed to offer comfort and enhance the natural look and help the wearer experience firmness and increased stability of the breasts.

Who invented the Underwire Bra

A costume designer known as Helene Pons is given the credit for inventing the coveted piece of clothing. She patented the design in 1931 and made use of an open-ended wire loop to introduce the first commercially produced underwire bra.

Is it necessary to wear Bra during Pregnancy

It is somewhat necessary to wear a bra (and that too a maternity bra) when one is expecting because the diaphragm needs to be given room to grow. A traditional bra will fail to do that and not wearing one won’t be of much use either. Not only will the maternity bra allow the breasts to expand but also endow them with the ability to contract after the pregnancy is over and help the diaphragm settle.

Also, steering clear of underwire bras is strongly recommended during the months of pregnancy as underwires exert pressure on the milk ducts and tender tissues of the breasts. This can result in the interruption of milk flow and cause the milk ducts to get plugged.


What is Wireless Bra

A wireless bra is one that provides shape and support without the presence of a strip of semi circular metal wire running underneath the cup. Also known as a softcup bra, it does not contain extra panels.